Swimming Nature London 1995-1997

Swimming Instructor

Having been involved in competitive swimming most of my life my first job after leaving University was with Swimming Nature. As a newly qualified ASA Instructor it was a wonderful environment with a lot of enthusiastic and energetic colleagues. Mostly Brazillian!

Saint Felix ENGLAND  1998-2004

Swimming Teacher

With two years of swimming experience behind me I took my Post Graduate Course to become a qualified teacher. My first post was in Suffolk as a PE teacher and I quickly set up an effective swim program. In fact, during my time there we were recognised as one of the top three 'learn to swim' schools in England by the ASA.

School of Fish




After years of planning, in 2005 I set up my own swim school in Suffolk and before long we were welcoming over 300 pupils per week and operating with five instructors. School of Fish provided small group lessons, fast-track courses, parties and infant lessons in the purpose built pool.




Swimming Teacher

After years of 'business' it was back into teaching but this time internationally for the purpose of travelling with my young family. Malawi was an excellent experience and it was fantastic to be teaching in the great outdoors with overly enthusiastic children.

Sarnelli Orphanage



Swimming Teacher

The next adventure was due to be China but it actually ended up in Dubai. On our way there we volunteered at an orphanage for two months. During this time I set up a 'mini' swim school and had the privilege of teaching some fantastic kids with amazing gratitude.




Swimming Teacher

Dubai was a great opportunity for a long term project of implementing a sustainable swim program into a relatively new school. With 2000 pupils the task was not easy but over the years we did succeed in  having one of the most effective curriculums in the region.